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We The People

film, b/w, 17 min., 2013

What is the meaning and the purpose of the People in the movies? Do they populate the streets, buses and trains, restaurants and the dance halls, just so that the movie characters could feel ‚?ěnormal‚??? What would the movie reality look like if the heroes would be erased and they would be its only inhabitants?
The film is a sort of metapolitical contemplation (using excerpts from famous movies and derivations from Guy Debord's texts) on the nature and ‚?ěsocial‚?? position of masses of individuals without individuality who surround the movie heroes, the only ones allowed to feel, suffer, or enjoy in the drama of life on film.
Link for viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMTlpeYXZuk&feature=share