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U-Pact*, 2006.

Installation - Exhibition of contemporary art from U-Pact countries

7 flags on poles, 7 artwork-representations, conference table, mics., chairs,U-Pact Charter

U-Pact is questioning the role of the state in the face of shifting geopolitical alliances by adopting or creating possible practices of challenging such alliances, and not only those already obviously existing but also those which are secret or may be yet non existent. It points toward so called Global order which functions on intra national political and military units. Power elites consider permanent instability as the ‚??normal‚?Ě state, insecurity as a motivation, perfect external military control as an answer to the threat of internal war. Today‚??s pacts are often called strategic partnerships and include the recognition of common security interests as well as provisions for strong military cooperation to various degrees. The Pentagon‚??s motto when preparing Operation Enduring Freedom was: ‚??It‚??s the mission that makes the coalition.‚?Ě
* U-Pact is a treaty concieved in 2007 by joining 7 sovereign states whose names start with a letter "U‚??. Apart from obvious security reasons the U-Pact is formed in order to promote high quality contemporary art.
Pictures show installation of U pact in Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb 2010.